It is realized mathematically that everything in nature starting from the smallest atoms to the most complicated cosmological patterns and all the beauty behind them is not just a matter of perspective or distinguished random patterns, otherwise they rely on a unique golden ratio that governs the dimensions of these patterns. This golden ratio strikes its roots to a mathematical sequence called the Fibonacci Sequence developed by an Italian mathematician named Leonard Fibonacci who lived between the second and the third century.

The Fibonacci sequence is a series of successive numbers where each entry is the sum of the two preceding entries (1,1,2,3,5,8,13…). The golden ratio can be obtained by calculating the quotient between each successive pair of numbers in the series where this ratio tends to be more precise as the quotient is calculated for larger numbers in the series. A golden ratio or phi is an irrational number which is approximately equal to 1.618.


It seems that many things in nature abide by its dimensional parameters to the ratio of 1.618, for example take a hive of bees and estimate the ratio of the female bee number to the male bee number and you will end by a number that is approximately 1.618.

Another example is the ratio between the diameters of opposing spirals in a sunflower which also equals the golden ratio. Moreover, for those interested in art works, the golden ratio is also manifested in the dimensions utilized to construct these works. The Parthenon in Athens, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa all encrypts the golden ratio in their geometric patterns.
It seems that this ratio is unavoidable although some mathematicians believe that there is an exaggeration regarding this number.

Prepared by: Capstone-X Team
3 August, 2022

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