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With the amazing declaration of NASA about the cosmos infrared photo taken via the JAMES WEBB telescope, a vast number of science fans and professionals around the world celebrates this great fulfillment by posting the photo along with their captions.

At the mid of this loud celebration, two numbers were repeated with high frequency in the posts: 4.5 billion years and 13 billion years. Which one is truly attributed to this magnificent photo? well the two numbers are true ! don’t get shocked by this duality, its not the quantum mechanics and the stuff of Schrodinger cat. what you are observing in this photo is somehow a time plot extending from around 13 billion years.

The Cluster SMACS 0723 of galaxies is the the nearest one from time perspective with about 4.5 billion years. A very amazing phenomenon named Gravitational Lensing was shown in the photo taken by the James Webb telescope. At the core of this phenomenon is the concept of the curvature of spacetime fabric which bends the path of light emerging from behind it around the massive celestial bodies, this concept was established in the general theory of relativity of Albert Einstein (1915).

Moving far from the center of the image, the tiny red galaxies observed under the influence of red shift explained by the doppler effect which revolves around the stretching of light as it crosses billions of kilometers (increase in the wavelength of the EM radiation) which marks how those galaxies are going far away with tremendous velocities from around 13 billion years.

Check it on NASA official website:

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